Today we launch our Christmas Hamper Appeal.
The aim of the appeal is to provide a minimum of 30 festive hampers for the food bank users. We have funding and support for fresh meat, fruit and veg. The aim of the appeal is add all those little festive extras. The appeal will run from 10th November to 12th December, with a food drive at Waitrose on 6th December between 9am – 4pm.

Whatever a persons politics are I’m certain most of us agrees that people who are using the Stevenage Community Foodbank rather they weren’t. The children of the families using our service aren’t to blame for the situation their parents find themselves in.

I can’t begin to imagine being a parent this Christmas with little or no money for food let alone presents. So the Stevenage Community Foodbank has launched its Christmas Hamper Appeal to make Christmas a little less stressful for those families facing food poverty over the festive period. We have already secured funding for fresh meat, fruit and veg our appeal is for those added little festive extras that most of us take for granted.
We are appealing for donation’s of the following.

Festive biscuits (Shortbread etc),
Small sweet/ chocolate selection boxes,
Tinned Fruit,
Custard, Jellies,
Pickled Onions,
Christmas Pudding,
Angel Delight,
Savory Snacks
Cream Crackers
Gravy Granules,
Tinned Ham,
Birds Trifle mix,
Tinned Sponge Puddings,
Orange Squash,
Minced pies,
Christmas Cake.
Tinned Potatoes,
Tinned Mixed Veg,

All items have to have a sell by/used by date no earlier than January 2015.
Unfortunately we cannot accept donations that need refrigeration. All donations need to be non perishable or have a long shelf life and be stored at normal temperature.

If you can donate just one of these items to it would be greatly appreciated. These little thing we can do can help put a smile on Mum’s and Dad’s face and bring a little festive cheer to the children.

Our donation points are: The Oval, Bedwell, Symonds Green, St Nicholas and Springfield House Community Centres. Stevenage Borough Council Customer Service Centre in the Town Centre. Grace Community Church (Shephall), St Paul Church (Marymead) St Nicholas Church, Bunyan Baptist Church (Old Town), Holy Trinity Church (Old Town) Methodist Church (Old Town) St Peters (Roebuck) St Hilda’s (Shephall) and all the Churches in Knebworth.
We also have donation points at the Co-Op at The Oval, The Hyde and Knebworth branches.

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