How do I get a voucher?

We work Stevenage Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Children Centres, Probation Service, Stevenage Homes, Salvation Army Contact an agency relevant for you and your need will be assessed.

Can anyone have a voucher?

No. You will need to prove your crisis circumstances to your agency who will then assess your need.

Why have I been declined a voucher?

The agency dealing with your request will make a decision on whether your circumstances are short or long term. If your situation will not be resolved in the short term the food bank will not be able to provide continuous provision. The agencies have a limited number of vouchers to allocate in any one week.

Will I be able to use the food bank whenever I want?

No. If you are issued with a voucher, it will be valid for three consecutive weeks in one month. After this time the voucher will be void. If your voucher is not claimed in the first week it will become void on the basis that your need for food has been wrongly assessed.

What if I need another voucher?

The food bank aims to provide temporary relief to bridge the time for a crisis to resolve. For example – for a large bill, three weeks will bridge the gap until payday. For benefit related issues three weeks will bridge the gap until your claim is processed etc. It is not anticipated that one client will use the food bank any more than three times in a year. If three vouchers are used consecutively this will count as three visits. The food bank has a policy to prevent dependency.

Who will see my details?

The Stevenage Community Food Bank will register you on your first visit to the food bank. You will need to bring evidence of your identity. This is to record how many times you use the food bank in accordance with our policy that you may use three vouchers per year. Your referral agency will record your details and information relating to your use of the Food Bank are kept strictly confidential and will not be passed to any third party.

How do I volunteer?

E-mail us at: [email protected] It will help if you give us the length of time you are available and the nature of task you wish to do.

Can anyone volunteer?

Depending on the nature of your role – yes. The Stevenage Community Food Bank will use discretion when allocating roles depending on the skills you have.

Where does the food bank get the food?

A mixture of donations – from collection points around the town and fundraising. We also have Action Days for collecting food outside supermarkets.

I’m too embarressed to ask for help.

Don’t be. All different types of people use the food bank. A team of friendly people are on hand at the food bank. No questions will be asked of you.

Where is the Food Bank?

For obvious reasons – you will find this out when you are issued a voucher.

Can I just turn up at the Food Bank and receive food?

No. You will need to produce a voucher. Please do not turn up without a voucher as this will lead to disappointment.

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