This Friday (20th December) sees the first anniversary of the opening of the Stevenage Community Foodbank.  A year ago on Friday John Mead successfully launched our food bank, having spent months planning, researching, organising and visiting food banks across the country.

The past year has been eventful with food drives at local supermarkets, recruiting volunteers, expanding our donation bases, making links with Knebworth and most importantly helping people in Stevenage and Knebworth.

The Stevenage Community Foodbank is proud to provide food for three weeks – when people haven’t got money to put food on the table.  We are proud to have extended support in exceptional cases where genuine need is apparent.

This is all thanks to our volunteers, voucher agents and the people of Stevenage and Knebworth for their donations.  Without their continued support we could not have sustained our service.  We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and continue to do so – The Stevenage Scout Association, Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, our town’s churches and Knebworth churches.

We are very proud to have a chairman and a board of trustees that are committed and extremely hard working – with a sole aim of providing food support.

Our latest campaign for Christmas Hamper items has ended our year on a high – an overwhelming response has made it possible for everyone to have festive treats. Knowing that children have what we all have at Christmas is magic indeed.

We look ahead to 2014 – with hope that the need for food banks will diminish but determined to provide temporary support for food crisis for as many people as we can.

On behalf of the 2,454 mouths fed this year – Thank You to our chairman John and Rob, Maureen, Sarah, Rita, Brian, Ken and all our volunteers!

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