Now that the Christmas and New Year rush has died down, the volunteers and client’s of the Food Bank would like to thank all the contributors to the Christmas Hamper Appeal.

The sheer volume of donations enabled us to create small festive goodie bags for all the food bank users on the last Friday before Christmas (24), in addition to the 30 main nominated fresh food, tinned and festive hampers. Your donations also made it possible for us to give 15 smaller tinned and festive goods hampers to those of our community who were in food crisis over the festive period.

We still had a few bits and pieces left over due to late donations arriving at the Food Bank after distribution day, this meant that the 17 families we fed on the 2nd January all received a small New Years hamper of tinned goods and festive goodies in addition to their food parcels.   

A special thank you goes to Stevenage Mayor Sherma Batson, who’s Christmas toy appeal meant that the children of the 30 main Christmas Hampers all received toys as well as food.

 In total we gave 86 Christmas and New Year hampers to the hidden hungry of our town and villages all due to your kind donations.

Thank You for taking the time to care, all the volunteers and clients would like to wish you all a Happy New Year


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